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The Fastest Growing GDI Team Build Online!

Whilst there are already many team builds out there, they all have a major problem: It often takes weeks IF not months to maybe get 1 or 2 sign-ups to start building your down-line.

What makes us different?


We grow our business in lots of 50 new affiliates each and every time! How?

We collect a list of people that have shown their interest in our opportunity by registering at our site for FREE!
Once we have a group of 50 members, we will be sending out the sign-up link to all of those 50 members to become officially registered as a GDI affiliate under our active members.
Then we collect our next 50 W4L team members. Once we get those, we launch them into the same business and into YOUR down-line. This means that your down-line will grow larger and larger with every group launch we make, which means more and more residual income for all of our members.

In addition to the GDI downline builder and all of our other income sources, you have the choice to upgrade to VIP member and automatically get placed into our Wealth4Life VIP Matrix, for an additional source of income. More info can be found on the VIP Matrix tab in our top menu.

We have multiple programs for you to chose from in order to get you started towards your goal of Financial Independence!

Our World Is Full Of Bad News Stories


It's time for a change!

Growing any online business by yourself is extremely hard! So, why not make it easy For Yourself!
How would you like to join the most respected and recognized Business Opportunity with a team of 100's and watch as we build your down-line for FREE - Creating a constantly growing residual Income For LIFE™?


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Dawn Of A New Era
Hi and welcome to the largest ever attempted GDI Team-build. If you can follow simple instructions and have the 'WHATEVER IT TAKES' Attitude, we make sure that you will earn a minimum of $3905 every month for the rest of your life. The whole proc... 

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